I think the needs of each customer are different whether you want to relax and get away from your daily routine, or if you want to deal seriously with physical problems such as low back pain or stiff shoulders. By consultation before massage, you can choose the course that suits you. If you wish, we will also provide holistic advice to help solving the underlying causes, such as posture improvement and constitution improvement based on anatomy and physiology.

Massage in English

A Japanese massage therapist that lived in Australia for 6 years will take care of you. So don't worry if you're not confident at French. You may be tired of long travel by airplanes with stiff shoulders and back pain so we will be happy to respond in English. You can concentrate on massage without worrying about language stress when communicating about specific matters such as body parts and symptoms.

Professional Massage Skills

Massage therapist has diploma of Remedial massage in Australia. She uses trigger points and fascial release to stimulate the acupoints, we can efficiently approach muscles and fascia. Massage with oil is gently firm, it can work on deep tissue cells without damaging muscles. Therefore, there should not be any pain following massage termination.
customer's voice


The 1hr Shiatsu course was very comfortable! It is clear that my whole body was very stiff and the massage gradually relaxed it and I felt my muscles responding great to the massage. The blood flow gradually improved, and my body became warm and relaxed. The salon is clean, quiet and has a good atmosphere so you can mentally relax. I am looking forward to the next time!


It is Swedish massage technique based but shows a complex mix of Shiatsu, lymph massage and sports massage. As an elder person the massage quickly identified the cause of the pain and treat it. It was a great technique. It was so wonderful so I’ll call again.


There are few places where I can receive a massage during pregnancy, so I was very relaxed after not receiving a massage for a long time. The pressure level was perfect and made me feel very comfortable, I had a lot of stiffness on my neck and shoulders and I was really struggling about it, after the session I felt really lighter and eased.


 It is a private salon. As a woman the massage made me realise how important is to take care of my body. Meg’s massage is the best.


Thanks for the beautiful massage.