Flow of the day

(1) Consultation

Before the treatment, we will consult with you about your physical condition, fatigue, stiffness, posture problems. Conseling time is included in massage time.

(2) Change Clothes

For dry massages don’t take off your clothes. For oil massages take off your clothes please. Take off  bra and wear undershorts only. (No undershorts is NOT acceptable).

(3) Enjoy a Massage

Firstly, we proceed to a whole body massage to relax without using oils so the therapist can see the stiffness and body tension. After that,the whole body massage with oils start from the back side and leg areas. When the back-side is finished, turn over and the massage continue with the front legs and finally head area ending the whole body treatment.


・Under 16 weeks of pregnancy persons are not allowed to receive a massage.

Please come to massage without taking any pain killer medicine.

・We do not accept those people drunk or under drugs.

We may refuse if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, high fever, dermatitis or infection, injury or recent surgery.

In addition, if you have a special medical condition, please make sure with your doctor if a massage treatment is indicated or not.