Massage IYASHI also offer 90 minutes and 120 minutes massage is also possible.
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Le Shiatsu est une technique de massage thérapeutique traditionnel japonais sans huile fonctionnant via les lignes énergétiques du corps. Le thérapeute utilise des techniques de pression des doigts sous forme de compression relaxante et rythmique. Il permet d’harmoniser l’énergie du Qi et ainsi de corriger les irrégularités de l’organisme, l’équilibre du corps et se libérer du stress.
Japanese facial technique which prevents and reduces the impact of the aging process on skin. Deep cleaning skins and relaxing facial massage, then facial mask make your skin deeply hydrating and soothing on the face area.
Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage helps to release lower back pain and your discomfort according to your body changing. Jojoba oil and bergamot essential oils make you relax and release the tension. Under 16 weeks of pregnancy a person is not allowed to receive a massage.
Deep Tissue
Deep tissue massage with oil approaches deeper layers of muscle. It reduces muscle tension using a nice and firm pressure.
Remedial Massage
Remedial massage can help those with specific problems either chronic or acute conditions. Therapists use trigger points therapy and myofascial release to approach muscle fibers and fascia in a deep tissue massage style.
Reflexology approaches essential pressure points connected with many organs and body parts. We massage reflex points on feet and legs under the knee.
Sports Massage
Sports massage is for active persons. A combination of oil and dry massage. Nice and firm pressure are applied using deep tissue massage techniques and stretching.
Aroma Therapy
A massage of soft pressures with aroma essential oil. Aroma essentials oil helps to release your muscle tensions and calm the nerve systems.

・Under 16 weeks of pregnancy persons are not allowed to receive a massage.

Please come to massage without taking any pain killer medicine.

・We do not accept those people drunk or under drugs.

We may refuse if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, high fever, dermatitis or infection, injury or recent surgery.

・In addition, if you have a special medical condition, please make sure with your doctor if a massage treatment is indicated or not.