Massage has been used for healing and relax the body and mind, reaching organs, muscles and facia to stay healthy.

Japanese facial technique which prevents and reduces the impact of the aging process on skin. Cleaning skins and relaxing facial massage on the neck and face area.
Neck & Shoulder 65€ / 1h
Neck and Shoulder massage applies to your shoulder and head area with dry and oil. Receiving a relaxing and nice feeling that eases blood circulation, reduces stress and relaxes your shoulder area for frozen shoulder clients.
Shiatsu 60€ /1h
Shiatsu is Japanese traditional therapeutic massage without oil operating through the body energy lines. The therapist uses finger pressure techniques in the form of relaxing and rhythmical compression. It improves your Ki energy and corrects your body balance.
Pregnancy Massage 65€/1h
Pregnancy massage helps to release lower back pain and your discomfort according to your body changing. Jojoba oil and bergamot essential oils make you relax and release the tension. Under 16 weeks of pregnancy a person is not allowed to receive a massage.
Aroma Therapy 55€ / 1h
A massage of soft pressures with aroma oil. Aroma essentials oil helps to release your muscle tensions and calm the nerve systems. Choose 2 kinds of aroma essences for the session.
Deep Tissue 70€/1h
Deep tissue massage with oil approaches deeper layers of muscle. It reduces muscle tension using a nice and firm pressure.
Sports Massage 60€ / 1h
Sports massage is for active persons. A combination of oil and dry massage. Nice and firm pressure are applied using deep tissue massage techniques and stretching.
Remedial Massage 70€ / 1h
Remedial massage can help those with specific problems either chronic or acute conditions. Therapists use trigger points therapy and myofascial release to approach muscle fibers and fascia in a deep tissue massage style.
Hot stones 80€/1h
Hot stone massage melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism.  Hot stones are placed on specific points on the body then the stones used as tools offer a warm and smooth feeling.